Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morgan City Acts to Correct $300K Shortfall

Morgan City took action this week to close the gap on the budget shortfall the city is facing. The city is working to address a situation where incoming revenues were $300,000 below expenditures.

Since at least 2008 the city has been spending at levels higher than revenue. The city has been drawing from the PTIF fund. This fund is created in years when revenues exceed expenditures and acts as a rainy day fund for governments. For the last few years the city has drawn from this account until it has reached the minimum state required amount.

The city made a number of budget adjustments, including making changes to where salaries were being charged. Revenues show some sign of improvement, but with the reserves being at the minimum required level the city is being cautious about getting expenditures under control.

The Morgan County News