Monday, November 14, 2011

Davis County flood control project starts soon

The second flood-control project specifically aimed at moving runoff water from the east side of Interstate 15 to the west side and into the Great Salt Lake by boring beneath the road will begin soon. The project involves boring a 66-inch diameter, 300-foot-long water pipe beneath the freeway at 600 North in Kaysville to prevent runoff water from building up on the east side of the road. On Nov. 8, the Davis County Commission received six bids for the Kaysville project, which is being referred to as the North Holmes Creek culvert improvement.
The bids submitted by area construction companies ranged from a low of $700,786 to a high of nearly $1.1 million. The county will award the project after officials have had further time to review the bids submitted.

The county recently completed a similar project boring beneath I-15 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Centerville. The project cost $1.1 million to construct. Ogden Standard-Examiner