Friday, February 10, 2012

Morgan Chamber of Commerce envisions Morgan

The Chamber of Commerce has been working extremely hard for the past year in getting an Economic Development plan in place to best assist businesses in Morgan.

Department of Workforce Services was present to let the community know what is available through services and working with businesses to help accommodate all types of businesses needs.

DWS can help you get up to $18,000 max in tax credits. Many state and federally funded programs can get an employer up to $2000 back on hiring from their targeted lists for employee hires. DWS can bond for businesses, sort through resumes, help fill job orders for employers with their 79,000 registered users, and can help pull in the right employee for your business.

DWS can help set up Job Fairs, including sending out flyers and doing branding and marketing for your business; a free service to help businesses. The Morgan County News

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