Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bountiful chooses "hometown" architect for city hall

The Bountiful City Council had a choice Thursday between a sleek, professional architect, a hometown firm with Bountiful ties and a hands-on firm that had a focus on letting the city officials drive the creative process.

The final winner would be designated to design and build a new city hall.

After a closed session and about 20 minutes of open discussion on Thursday afternoon, the council decided on PGA&W, the hometown firm.

Councilmember Tom Tilman, who sits on the steering committee for the new building, was a major supporter of that architect. The city worked with that firm on the fire station that was built on 100 South.

Construction on the $4.8 million building is expected to start in January and be completed within 14 months. Then, the city arts center and museum will move into a renovated version of the existing city hall. Davis Clipper