Friday, August 24, 2012

Pleasant View, Farr West want to share a big box store

Two cities are gearing up for commercial development on 2700 North, specifically looking at approximately 80 acres known as the Randall property.

Both communities would like to bring in a big box store, but are looking at ways to share the wealth in the form of taxes for each city.

Planner John Jansen said Farr West officials requested he come and discuss the study he has been working on with Pleasant View.

Jansen said some good development ideas for the area would be a big box store, possibly some high-density housing and smaller convenience shopping centers. Little strip commercial areas seem to pop up randomly and often become vacant, he said, and it would be better to have a plan than to have businesses come and go and buildings left standing empty.

Jansen said both cities should discourage any more haphazard strip commercial development.

Mayor Doug Clifford said the residents’ income can also be important to support the developments there. Jansen said he had been studying the buying habits of people in the country and said some areas have more stores of a certain type and need, while in other areas people will drive out of the local circle to buy goods. Standard Examiner