Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Key to economic success: Providing space for existing businesses to expand

It may be the land and business that is already here that shapes the economic growth of the Top of Utah, not what new industry is yet to come.

While Weber County officials are looking to develop an agritourism ordinance directed at diversifying a farm’s income through broadening its offerings and adding value to its products, Davis County economic gurus are marshaling resources to preserve strategically located land banks that can be used to provide space to existing businesses needing to expand.

Weber and Davis county economic officials share the same belief that it is government’s role to facilitate commercial growth, not pay for it.

“Davis (County) is looking to expand our manufacturing, distribution, Hill Air Force Base support businesses and services, as well as our information technology and communications,” says Kent Sulser, county director of Community and Economic Development.

“We are seeking growth in various clusters of advanced composites, aerospace, manufacturing, digital media, financial services, sports and outdoor products. Standard Examiner