Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trail construction projects continues in northern Utah

A partnership with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and Weber Pathways has resulted in an IMBA trail designer, Joey Klein, designing a new trail alignment within the RMP power line corridor of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. This design work began in late April and is expected to finish mid-May. Funding is currently in place to begin construction on this new section of trail early this summer. This new trail alignment will parallel the current RMP power line access road, and is being designed as a multi-use trail for hikers, bikers and equestrian.

The Weber River Parkway committee continues to work diligently to create two miles of trail from the south end of the Riverdale City Parkway east to the Uintah Bridge. Because of last year’s spring flooding, it became necessary to relocate the proposed pedestrian bridge site. While this has slowed our progress, we are moving forward with identifying a new location and securing agreements allowing us to build the trail. Once all requirements are met, construction can begin either later this year or next summer when waters have receded.

Weber Pathways is partnering with Weber County and the U.S. Forest Service to complete the Pineview Loop Pathway trail. Weber County is providing its right of way over most of the northern and eastern section of the loop and is the project manager for design and construction. The U.S. Forest Service is working with Weber Pathways to complete the necessary analyses and acquire associated permits to secure the corridor through Forest Service land. In addition, the Forest Service is providing materials for trail and trailhead construction. Weber Pathways