Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's FirmFind?

FirmFind is a directory of ove 80,000 Utah businesses, just a few clicks away, on the DWS website. Besides the name, address, and phone number for each business, FirmFind also tells you the company's size and industry type.

FirmFind is a searchable database you can use to sort by occupation - meaning you can find out which companies in Utah hire a particular occupation - to help in applying for jobs or sending out your resume. Since large employers hire more people (and often pay better wages) sorting by size can also benefit the job seeker.

You can also sort by geographic area, such as a single county or a group of counties. Or, in a metropolitan area, you may find sorting by zip code very useful.

Updated twice a year, FirmFind is the most convenient, complete and useable business directory in Utah, and it's free. It's just one more great online resource from the Department of Workforce Services. Check it out and bookmark it for future use with just one click.

The current issue of Trendlines contains this and many more online resources. Check out the whole publication online at: http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/wi/pubs/trendlines/septoct10/index.html.