Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Engineers — make way for the women

Many high school senior girls in the Top of Utah are capitalizing on the trend of women moving into the fields of math and sciences, and it has been great for them.

Bonneville senior Elizabeth Radcliffe feels that she was welcomed into Weber School District’s Project Lead the Way Program with open arms. “It was never like, ‘You’re a girl, we don’t want you.’ It was more like, ‘You’re a girl, please come do this,’ ’’ Radcliffe said of her experience with the program.

She said she never thought twice about being a girl in the program; it was more of a confidence issue for her personally. She wasn’t sure if she was smart enough to be an engineer, but after her first classes she quickly came to realize she was. As for being female, she feels it works in her favor.

Because the field is so heavily made up of men, more and more employers want the input a woman can provide, said Roy High School junior Julia Satterthwaite. She has seen the way a woman’s view puts a different spin on the groups she participates in with her engineering classes. Standard Examiner