Friday, May 25, 2012

Maid-Rite Comes to Utah

Maid-Rite, an Iowa-based fast-food-restaurant chain, has quite a cult following. Well, good news for Maid-Rite fans: A new Maid-Rite has opened in Layton, at 701 Main Street.

The Des Moines-based Maid-Rite first opened in 1926, although it wasn't called by that name yet. Supposedly, a respected butcher named Fred Angell, in Muscatine, Iowa, combined a "special blend and grind of the finest Midwestern beef with a selected recipe of secret spices and created the one and only Maid-Rite sandwich." The story goes that the business got its name after a customer exclaimed, "You know, Fred, this sandwich is just made right!" Thus, the signature Maid-Rite (not so sure about the spelling of "maid" versus "made" or "right" versus "rite")  sandwich was born.  City Weekly