Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Project Wins, More than 800 New Jobs

Last week EDCUtah, in partnership with the Governor's Office of Economic Development, announced three major project wins that will add 819 new jobs – many of them high-tech – to Utah's economy.

Two of the projects involve homegrown Utah companies: Instructure and Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. The third project involves The Boeing Company, headquartered in Chicago. Instructure will add 655 jobs to the state, while Orbit will add another 60 jobs. Meanwhile, Boeing will add 104 jobs to its Utah manufacturing operations.

Instructure: EDCUtah President & CEO Jeff Edwards says Instructure plans to expand in the Old Mill Corporate Center at 6330 South and 3000 East, in Cottonwood Heights. The company, which produces learning management software, currently employs 200 Utahns within its software design, R & D, operations, software support and sales operations. This expansion will add 655 more jobs to the state and the company will invest $2.1 million in its new 150,000 square-foot location.

Orbit: Meanwhile, Orbit's decision to build a new manufacturing facility in North Salt Lake will be a boon to Davis County economic development. The facility will employ 60 new people and manufacture pipe, connectors and sprinklers for irrigation systems. The company will make a $37 million capital investment over 15 years.

Boeing: As for Boeing, the company manufactures its 787-8 and -9 Dreamliner vertical fins at its factory near Salt Lake City International Airport and last March announced it would assemble horizontal stabilizers for the 787-9 in Utah as well. Boeing employs 575 Utahns and the new agreement creates the path to grow by another 104 employees immediately. Total head count would be about 679 employees. Utah Pulse